Line-up clamps
in various designs – for all welding processes

The basis of a secure connection is accurate alignment

When welding pipelines, seam preparation, in particular, is essential for high quality results. Achieving perfect alignment between the components is of the utmost importance here.

The consequences could otherwise be an imbalance in the penetration of the root pass and thus an insufficient basis of the entire weld. The risk of lack of fusion, shape and dimensional deviations increases dramatically. Further effects such as leakage or a reduction of the calculated flow rate may result.

To minimise these risks, pipe centring devices have been developed. Two methods have proven themselves on the market:

1. External centring with mechanical or hydraulic tensioning is the most economical and at the same time most widespread option. We have a large selection for you in our product range:

  • One-dimensional mechanically-tensioned external line-up clamps with double rings with or without bridges and webs for small pipelines
  • One-dimensional hydraulically-tensioned external line-up clamps with double rings in medium and heavy-duty versions for large pipelines
  • Dimensionally variable 3-point pipe fixtures for up to 14" pipe size
  • Dimensionally variable pipe centring chains in single or double design

2. Internal centring with mechanical, hydraulic or pneumatic tensioning is particularly suitable for large wall thicknesses and as a basis for MAG orbital welding. We have a large selection for you in our product range:

  • Dimensionally variable internal line-up clamps with mechanical clamping for moulded parts
  • One-dimensional hydraulic and pneumatic internal line-up clamps up to DN 1600

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