Lifting devices
for different applications

VIETZ offers various lifting devices for pipeline construction.

  1. Our mature vacuum lifting technology VACUVIETZ is found on many construction sites all over the world. This modern pipe transporting unit is also used by many pipe factories to save time and personnel. Even more important, however, is the minimisation of accident risks during pipe transportation. The independent VACUVIETZ unit can be mounted on a crane, side boom or hydraulic excavator. Each VACUVIETZ unit can be fitted with different suction cups for the various pipe sizes.

  2. With our pipe lowering carriages, pipes are placed in the excavated trench after welding. The ball bearing-mounted, plastic-coated rollers ensure easy transport without damaging the PE insulation.

  3. Our lifting equipment range of course also includes our roller cradles. These are made of a very robust traverse with attachment points for a crane hook and a rope set as a carrier for ball bearing-mounted rollers. The rollers are also coated with a high-performance plastic.

Our range also includes a wide selection of lifting slings.

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